Monday, October 6, 2014

Sounds like life to me

Life is a funny thing. From the time you are born, every day is counting down to your date of demise. Time on a clock that doesn't stop and yet have you ever noticed only humans fear their last days? We count down to the next season, the next holiday ( I'm talking to you, retail industry!) or even tomorrow. Planners, organizers, smart phones, PDAs [do they even make those anymore?] all of these things keep our lives in a meticulous schedule that has to be kept. Animals have no meetings to be at, no schedules to keep, no time to beat-no fear of the end because humans are the only ones who live searching for tomorrow. It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life. Stop and take the time that you're always rushing through today and take a breath and soak up this beautiful October weather (if you're in the south its a balmy 70 degrees and much more comfortable than the sauna of Summer). You're worth a little bit of time to stop and smell the roses. I'm guilty! With an iPhone, planner, google calendar, work schedule, school schedule and making sure the bills get paid on time, I don't even have a moment to think of breathing in those roses I mentioned. Yet, I know the stress may decrease if I simplify and press pause. 

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