Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stitching my life together

This past weekend, I learned an invaluable skill. I learned to not only crochet, but to crochet well. After I finished my first infinity scarf, although it was a little rough, something dawned on me; I am now a woman with a skill. It might not be a highly marketable skill for a future job but it is a skill nonetheless that has already taught me immeasurable values. When you are being formed in your mother's body, God is stitching your life and forming you from his own flesh and blood. He is giving you characteristics that will one day become a solid person with a good foundation. When you start a chain for a project, you have a needle and a ball of yarn that is nothing but yarn-but when you put thought an effort into it, it becomes something beautiful and one of a kind-just like you! Although some stitches may be loose or tight, even or straight-it is unique an beautiful, just like humans, not one piece is alike and each piece is unique and wonderful. 

I am a woman with good grounding, uneven stitches, a few tight spots and some that are almost even. I am a work in progress, an unfinished project. Unique and beautiful-just how God wanted me to be. 

Thank you so muh to my aspiring actor and one of my very best friends, for teaching me, watching me fail, laughing with me and helping me grow. One day I hope to see you on broadway!

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